Science Olympiad Team Qualifies for State Competition!

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The Port Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad Team placed third out of 35 teams who competed at the Suffolk County Regional Division B Science Olympiad competition, recently held at Candlewood Middle School. Their ranking allows them to compete against the best teams across New York State on April 17 and 18 at East Syracuse Minoa High School in Syracuse, NY. Students in grades 6-9 competed in events which tested their study skills in earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and scientific problem-solving. Coached by Mr. Adam Bouchard, the school’s earth science and Science 8 teacher, the students had a dominant performance and received medals in 21 of 23 events. “Every student was highly motivated and showed a lot of hard work in preparing for their events,” Mr. Bouchard said. “It truly showed this year with the team’s outstanding performance competing with the top teams of the county.”
The Port Jefferson School District congratulates the medal winners:

1st Place - Ben Perez-Flesler and Michelle Wu for Dynamic Planet
1st place - Ben Perez-Flesler and Michelle Wu for Water Quality
2nd place - Alana Samara and Iris He for Fossils
2nd place - Eric Chen and Kathleen Zhou for Heredity
2nd place - Ben Perez-Flesler and Riley Perrotta for Meteorology
2nd place - Teppei Fukuto and Ryan Gameng for Ping Pong Parachute
3rd place - Ben Perez-Flesler and Gavin Onghai for Anatomy
3rd place - Alana Samara and Michelle Wu for Crime Busters
3rd place - Gavin Onghai and Teppei Fukuto for Density Lab
3rd place - Nicholas Smirnov and Eric Chen for Ornithology
3rd place - Ben Perez-Flesler and Iris He and Max Paulus for Science Quiz Bowl
4th place - Emily Ambrozy and Katie Chambers for Elastic Launched Glider
4th place - Emily Ambrozy and Katie Chambers for Write It Do It
5th place - Emily Ambrozy and Isabelle Chen for Crime Buster
5th place - Gavin Onghai and Alana Samara for Disease Detectives
5th place - Teppei Fukuto and Riley Perrotta for Mission Possible
5th place - Mari Fukuto and Kevin Hong for Ping Pong Parachute
5th place - Carman Stanton and Nicholas Smirnov for Write It Do It
6th place - Riley Perrotta and Kathleen Zhou for Reach for the Stars
6th place - Eric Chen and Ryan Gameng for Road Scholar
7th place - Connor Lioio and Max Joyner for Mission Possible
8th place - Marco Puopolo and Violet Kim for Anatomy
8th place - Katherine Ranjbar and Emily Snyder for Circuit Lab
9th place - Katerine Ranjbar for Reach for the Stars
10th place - Max Paulus and Carman Stanton for Circuit Lab
10th place - Mari Fukuto and Kevin Hong for Mission Possible