Elementary Students Showcase Art in Village Library

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Twenty-nine student-artists from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School have their works on display at the Port Jefferson Free Library throughout February. Organized by the school’s art teacher Meghan McCarthy, the artistic pieces of students from pre-K through grade 5 will be showcased in the Children’s Room. The Port Jefferson School District proudly recognizes its talented students: pre-K students Colette Miller and Daniel Sieckowski; kindergarten students Laila D’Andrea, Ekin Karakurum and Jude Shubber; first graders Isabelle Gafary, Philip Lucia, Charlotte Mahony and Charlie Severin; second graders Joseph Beltran, Yufan Cao, Allyson Vasquez Gallegos, Doyoung Kim and Nora Licausi; third graders Leo Baranta, Hitoki Katano, Rahym Khan, Hannah Shakeri and Ryan Verruto; fourth graders Dylan Litman, Clara Pearce, Violet Pryor, Sara Puopolo and Katherine Snaden; and fifth graders Allie Blumenthal, Michael Castro, Julia Lima De Oliveira Gomes, Thea Mangels and Hudson Philbrick.